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Zeina Abuhassan

Client Experience

Zaina is a wonderful, compassionate, and knowledgeable certified relationship coach who has helped me work through some personal challenges. I can't recommend her enough! She always puts me at ease with her casual yet professional and non-judgmental approach. She guided me to recognize my main struggles in life. Additionally, she is always an excellent listener and provides thoughtful and insightful guidance that has helped me gain clarity and boost my confidence. I highly recommend her to anyone who might feel like they are in a rut. I really needed a non-judgmental person in my life to work through some issues and struggles because, honestly, I feel empowered and capable to navigate rough waters after every session. I always tell her that she's my happy and safe place. Thank you, Zaina.


I had the pleasure of working with Zeina on issues related to relationships. I was initially skeptical before meeting Zeina, as I wasn’t sure about such thing here in Jordan. But a mutual acquaintance encouraged me to I’ve it a try and I’m glad I did. Zeina is a good and engaging listener. She was warm, genuinely interested in understanding the issue and help me navigate it as if on my own. I also like it that she gives “homework” for further self awareness. Just after a few sessions I was able to be on the right track for me and I continue to go back to Zeina for support and reflection from time to time. Wishing everyone a fulfilling and purposeful life


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Why Relationship Coaching Matters..

"When your relationship is working, everything else in your life will go

the right way"

Why accept a relational life full of struggles when you can get professional help ?

I'm here for you to help you to:

  • have maximum peace of mind in your relationship

  • understand yourself & your partner's needs

  • balance the differences we have as males and females without feeling that we are sacrificing ourselves in the process

  • acknowledge that if your current relationship is not for you, to help you move on and learn how to choose your partner in a better way next time.

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Who am I here for?

Romantic Hearts Couple


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Individuals wishing

to learn more about

healthy relationships

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Individuals interested in getting married


Divorced Individuals

My Services...

Thriving Together: Interactive Relationship Workshops for Groups

My workshops are a safe and nurturing environment, where you will learn effective communication, conflict resolution, and emotional intimacy skills. Through interactive exercises and personalized guidance, couples can navigate challenges, strengthen their relationship, and reignite the spark to enjoy a relationship full of growth, harmony, and lasting love.

Guided Journey to Relationship Success:


Coaching Sessions

Through my compassionate and non-judgmental sessions, we explore emotions, communication patterns, and relationship dynamics. Together, we develop practical strategies to address your concerns and foster healthier connections. With my expertise and tailored coaching, you will gain valuable insights and create lasting positive changes in your relationship.

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Join me for this deep dive session into your relationship dynamics. You will benefit from a personalized consultation, actionable strategies, and expert guidance on effective communication, conflict resolution, and building a resilient, fulfilling partnership. Elevate your relationship with targeted insights from our experienced relationship coach for a happier, thriving partnership.

Time: 1 Hour


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Experience a profound transformation in your relationship with our 7-Visit Relationship Transformation Series. This comprehensive package offers a structured approach to address pre-marital and marital issues, featuring sessions on relationship assessment, goal setting, communication mastery, conflict resolution strategies, intimacy building, financial planning, and resilience. Each session is tailored to enhance your partnership, equipping you with essential tools to nurture understanding, connection, and long-term fulfillment. Invest in the future of your relationship and embark on a journey

toward a stronger,

more harmonious bond.

6 x 1 Hour Sessions

Plus 1 Free Session


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Embark on your journey towards a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with my Relationship Coaching. Offering you expert pre-marital and marital advice with a comprehensive consultation package that consists of

11 in-depth sessions designed to nurture and strengthen your relationship.

From understanding each other's needs to fostering effective communication and conflict resolution, I will empower you and your partner to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of love and togetherness.

Let me help you navigate the beautiful path of love, trust, and companionship with our tailored coaching sessions.

9 x 1 Hour Sessions

Plus 2 Free Session


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What you will learn in your coaching sessions...

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Choosing the right partner

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your relationship problems

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Conflict Resolution Methods

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after divorce/